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Text Box: My hair is in the best shape its been in for over 20 years, thanks to Marina.   my husband loves running his fingers through my hair and tells me how soft it is!  When Marina got a hold of my hair a few years back I was in bad shape.  My hair was over colored, dry, and just plain bad.  She is a miracle worker and I won't use anyone else.  
Tedi, Lakebay Wa. January 14, 2010

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Text Box: What a wonderful hair experience! Marina has been cutting my hair for 8 years, and I greatly enjoy her work and her personality. She always listens to what I'd like to have done and looks at my face and hair type to determine the best style for me. Her work is absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Marina! :)

Vessie, Los Angeles, January 12, 2010

Text Box: I'm a total FAN. Marina has been doing my hair for about 7 years. My husband's hair, too. Will always be greatful for her latest miracle last summer. Had to fly from Austin, TX to LA for her to save the horrible Texas mess I had. THANK YOU, dahling.                                                                                              Jacqueline B. December 26, 2009
Text Box: As long as I have lived in LA I have been on an ongoing quest to find a good hair stylist. Finding the right combination of price, talent, and personality seemed to be something I was just going to have to learn to live without. When my best friend went to Marina, and called immediately afterward to tell me how amazing her experience was-I decided to give her a call myself. I am really glad that I did! Not only did Marina instantly make me feel like I was in for a lot of fun, but she helped me pick out the perfect new color and cut. She seemed to have as much fun as I did, and I left feeling amazing. I'm so glad that I've finally found that perfect stylist combination in Marina, and have told everyone I know that is searching where they can go to find it too!                                                                           Ellie XXXXbaugh 10-15-01


Text Box: "I haven't let anyone touch my hair except for Marina for the last TEN YEARS!"  "People stop me in the street to tell me my hair looks good."  "She is the Goddess of Good Hair."  "Beverly Hills hair without the Beverly Hills price."
Kathryn G.  Los Angeles, CA January 10, 2010 



Text Box: When our offices moved near Marina's prior salon over a year ago, I took advantage of the quick trip downstairs instead of across town to get my next haircut. SOLD! I haven't been back to my former beautician. Marina is so professional and knowledgeable with the sweetest of personalities. I just tell her to "do your thing" and she has never dissapointed me! I highly recommend her services to anyone. You will enjoy the experience. 
Bertha AdcXX@deloitte.com, Admin Professional





Text Box: I really appreciate the time and care Marina takes in cutting my hair. Marina always exceeds my expectations! Mike Natucci, Vaughn, WA January 12, 2010






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Text Box:  
"Marina is a master. I don't trust anyone with my 
hair like I do with her. She just knows hair and knows
what colors work well with your whole essence."

christine s., los angeles. January 08,2010


Text Box: I already have told my friends how wonderful you were.... And you wouldn't believe the response I got on Friday, everyone was in awe of the hair and my boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes off of me. It even looks great now that its back in its natural curls.
Text Box: Bonjour Marina, We are still in the south of France and are enjoying the beautiful weather and the incredible architecture. But we miss your services terribly. Looking at the otherwise beautiful French women's hair has kept me from going anywhere near a hairdresser here. the coulours are horrible and the hair looks dead and burned out. I also haven't seen a good cut either. So much for the chique Riviera! I desperately need some attention. Can I send you our heads back to LA for you to fix and send back? Richard had to breakdown and get a trim but he made them promise to immitate exactly what you had don last. The results were fair. We hope to see you soon!                                                                                                                        Richard & Ashley 6-14-01 Metro L.A. Resident
Text Box: I've been going to Marina for years and I'm incredibly happy. I've changed my hair color a number of times and was trying to go from red to my natural brunette. Every place I tried (at least four) couldn't, wouldn't or didn't do it. Finally, I went to Marina because she was walking distance from the office and she did it and it looked great. A few months later, Marina suggested I go from permanent to semi-permanent color to save my hair. I didn't know I could do this. This change greatly improved the condition of my hair. Marina's been great. I've also tried a number of different styles and she's always been able to copy a photograph and she listens extremely well. I tell her what I don't want and she NEVER does it .                     Christine.xxchs@us.pwcglobal.com
Text Box: I got a GREAT haircut from Marina last night.  She is by far the most attentive stylist I've ever seen she actually listens to what I want and does it (whether she agrees or not!).  Plus she is friendly and easy to talk to.  She gives me good ideas for ways  to do my hair besides the way she is doing it at the time.  She also does a great job on my husband's hair.  We both have pretty thick, wavy  hair, and she manages to tame our cowlicks and widow's peaks and all that.  Anyway, if you haven't tried her yet, or if you're still driving miles and miles to a stylist, you might want to check her out! Stasi  NEWDOWNTOWNER 12-14-03

Call or TEXT me at 213.324.8851 for an appointment in Los Angeles

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